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Please Vote Yes on the Sequim School Construction Bond!
Be sure to return your ballots by April 22!

On April 22, the Sequim School District is asking voters to consider a 20 year construction bond.  Two citizen committees over a 7-year period have determined that safety, security, efficiency, capacity and learning environments for students are in dire need of improvement and that the District's facilities must be improved or replaced NOW

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Cost per Thousand

If this bond is approved, the Sequim School District will still have a lower combined tax rate than the statewide average, schools with 2,000-2,999 students and schools with similar assessed valuations

Please Remember to Vote!!

This bond proposal is a responsible request from a District with a responsible track record:
  •  The 20 year bond that was approved by voters in 1996 will be retired this year - 2 years ahead of schedule.

  •  The school board reduced tax for local school residents by refinancing the 1996 bonds to reduce the interest rate.

  •  The District has a long track record of careful allocation of resources to ensure that services for students remain stable.

  •  The proposed bond has already been delayed for 5 years – primarily due to the economy and the school board’s efforts to keep the tax rate as level as possible while providing for the needs of students.

  •  The proposed bond is a request for a “letter of pre-approval” by the voters, much like an individual would seek from a bank for a home loan.

  •  The total bond amount is the best estimate that can be made prior to approval by the voters and completion of plans.

  •  Once the bond is approved, the District will be required to follow a state-mandated pro-cess that is designed by the state to ensure that local school districts receive the best pos-sible value for their local tax dollars.

  •  The district collects a fixed amount – once approved, that amount cannot exceed what is approved, but may be less than what is approved.The School District has made approximately 20 presentations to the community, both to civic groups and in public forums. If you would like to be fully informed before you vote, the last public forum is scheduled for April 8 at 7 p.m. in the Sequim High School library. School tours are available by request to anyone, simply by calling the District at 582-3600. 

There's still time to register to vote!
   It takes less than 5 minutes!  The easiest way to register is online today!  Mail-in registration deadline is Monday, March 24th! In-person registration is Monday, April 14th! If you know someone who’s not registered to vote, help them get registered!  To find out more, go to the Clallam County Voter Registration Website or Click Here